eCommerce Managed Service

In the era of new normal, customers are habituated to shop Online. They use their electronic device and comfortable to order within a minute and get delivery within short period of time. To take advantage of this customer trend, traditional Brick & Mortar Stores are moving towards their Online presence. We are here for you with an unique solution to cover your entire business processes. We can establish and operate Online Shop on top of your physical store. Our 360-degree eCommerce solution build and operate Online Store without any manpower from you.

Fully Managed, Easy Adoption

We offer market ready solution to take your store at customers premise and increase your sales and profitability to a whole new level

Fully Managed

Managed by our digital Team allowing you to focus on your core business operations. You can operation its business process by your own team.

Technology Free

This end to end solution is designed for cloud and to operate as Software as a Service. No technical manpower is required to operate and ensure service uptime. We offer 24/7 service with an uptime of 99.95 

Integrated Solution

Our solution is built to integrate with back office, delivery system, inventory, cash and other module of your store business operation

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