Media Process Outsourcing

Print and Online News Media are the most influencing service that deals with the psychological, emotional and aspirational aspect of the reader that arguably has the greatest power to influence the lives of its readers compared to any other product or service offering.

Technology has given the impulse to Media Industry to move toward a higher level of convergence.  In the Globalization era the next evolutionary step is towards off-shoring the process involved to enhance operational efficiency and move towards more economical content production techniques which will further utilize the untapped potential and move towards economies of scale and scope.

Technology and Globalization have been major catalysts in the surge that the media Industry has made Boundary less. News Media (Print and Online) has global appeal and that made the production houses across international borders sell and offshore work. 

Low cost, high-quality services

Offshore media outsourcing maximizes cost savings while keeping service quality high. Our News Media Professionals have the skills and experience to deliver first class media services.

eMedia360° – Tools to Automate MPO services

To cover full cycle of business and media process of Print and Online News, we use automation software solution. eSender  starts  capturing  news  &  photos  from  root  level  by  Mobile  App  or  any  browser,  submitting  those  to  eManager  a  Centralized  content  repository  for  all  media  channels  of  all  the  content  types.  That  distributes  to  print  and  digital  media  simultaneously  from  the  same  repository  with  uniform  workflow  management.  Each  event  and assignment are tracked by eCalendar which is a Schedule and plan for the daily and upcoming events so that no events are missed. Images  are  refined  using    eScanner  to  prepare  images  for  print  publications and distribute to pages.  Automatic page generated & generate  preview  using  ePagemaker  from  content  those  are  sent  from eManager. Those  generated  pages  are  sent  to  CTP  for  print  News  Paper.    eArchive  is  used  to  automatically  archive  previous  contents  from  eManager  and  ensure  metadata-based  sorting. 

Simultaneously  pages  for  ePaper  are  automatically  generated  from  source  pages  like Quark/InDesign. Same pages are automatically uploaded as Text view for mobile friendly views of Online Edition.  Content for Online edition  is  automatically  uploaded  to  eDotCom,  which  can  be  published after moderation, editing. Complete advertisement solution including B2B and B2C along with CRM  is  the  responsibility  of  eAdpro.  Supply  Chain  of  daily  News  Paper, Label Print, generate distribution statement is fully managed by eCirculation.  Holistic  view  and  insight  from  each  function  of  News  or  Business  can  be  visible  on  eDashboard.  It  provides  intelligent  insights  for  higher  management  to  plan,  decide  and  execute future steps. KPI for each and every human resource of the media  house  is  captured  by  eWorkflow,  producing  integrated  reports highlighting regular HR functionalities.  Finance & Accounts; Integrates on Demand.

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