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Print Media Automation

eSender: Root level news capture application on Mobile and Desktop.
eManager: Central News management solution to display, select, edit and process submitted news.
eCalendar: Schedule assignments by central or by reporters.
eScanner: Drag and drop user interface to bring photo to image editor and make necessary correction on that and submit to Media ERP.
ePagemaker: Solution of generate printable newspaper using selected & edited news content from Media ERP.
eAdPro: Overall management of advertisement that is integrated with Media ERP for connect pollution and financial reports.
eWorkflow: Integrates reporting and other portable human resources with regular HR functionalities to ensure proper KPI management for each personnel
eDashboard: 360-degree view and brings insight from each function whether it is from News or Business. It provides intelligent insights for higher management to plan, decide and execute future steps.
eCirculation: Manage Supply Chain of daily News Paper, Label Print, generate distribution statement.


ERP Solutions

Features :
All in one management tool for business. Ease of Integration with other systems. Modular approach to ERP implementation.
Accounting: key module covers General Ledger, cost accounting, accounts receivable & payable.
Sales Management: allows to manage and classify sales orders into a structured & hierarchical system.
Purchase Management: Enables to track suppliers’ quotations and convert them into Purchase Orders.
Warehouse Management : supports the management of multiple warehouses and structured stock locations.
CRM : Gives the ability to intelligently and efficiently manage leads, opportunities, tasks, issues, requests, bugs, campaigns, and claims.


HR & Payroll Process

Features :
- Recruitment Management - Smart HR calendar - Attendance and OT management - Online leave management with Approval - Early Leave, OSD and Late coming tracking - Other HR operations Automation - Employee profile and other historical details - Training planning - KPI Management - Online Appraisal - Paygrade set up according to company policy - Bonus and PF Management - Loans and Advance Management - Investment - Settlement Automation - Automated Payslip and salary statements


Restaurant Automation

Features :
- Touch enabled POS - Caller ID integration with POS - Mobile based Order management in Restaurant - Table booking Management - Kitchen Management - Customer facing order management via website and mobile Apps - Integration with other chain like Foodpanda, Hungrinaki etc
Reports: Cash & Bank - Material Ledger - Stock Report - Consumption Summary/Detail - Customer Order History


ePaper & News CMS

ePaper: Digital version of Daily Newspaper automatically generated and uploaded to cloud server. Single click process to upload 12 pages in 30 minutes. Having image and text version of each news. Responsive device friendly view.
eDotCom: Fully integrated with Central News management solution. No duplication of work required to populate news CMS


E-commerce & Corporate Website

We provide E-commerce solution along with brick-and-mortar and back office automation. In a nutshell our solution is E-commerce and ERP integrated in single solution.


Warehouse Control

Features :
- Purchase Requisition - Purchase Order - Material Receive - Store Requisition Issue Note (SRIN) - Transfer - Cash Purchase - Scrap disburse
Reports: - Purchase Requisition Control Register - Material Ledger/BIN Card - Consumption Summary/Detail - Stock Report


Procurement to Payment

Features :
- Procurement Requisition - Offer Comparison - Work Order Processing - Bill Entry - Fund Management - Batch Processing - Automated Chaque Printing -Automated VAT/TAX calculation - Audit Processing.


HR & Payroll Process

Features :
- Offer - Offer Approval - Proforma invoice - LC - Commercial Invoice - Packing List - Receiving
Reports: - Pending PI - Landed Cost - Shipment tracking - Outstanding tracking per LC - Receive summary - Tax Reports .


Managed Support Services

eCommerce Managed Service

In the era of new normal, customers are habituated to shop Online. They use their electronic device and comfortable to order within a minute and get delivery within short period of time.

Media Process Outsourcing

Print and Online News Media are the most influencing service that deals with the psychological, emotional and aspirational aspect of the reader that arguably has the greatest power to influence the lives of its readers compared to any other product or service offering.

Accounting & Payroll Outsourcing

EGO Digital offers experienced & trained accountants as well as payroll experts from the Bangladesh to handle tasks like general accounting, payroll processing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, invoice processing and other industry-specific accounting

Strategy & Planning

Right people together made to challenge established thinking and drive transform

Offshore Team

Your dedicated offshore team will be connected with you onsite/remote platforms to overcome the communication barriers

Data Processing

Even in this age of information, organizing and making proper use of data can be a challenge. You may understand the potential of your data, yet still be daunted by the time and costs involved in rendering it into a manageable format.

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EGO Digital is committed to assure the highest quality of its solutions, total client satisfaction, timely delivery of applications at affordable cost and reasonable time.

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We Help Our Clients to Achieve Their Business Goal

EGO Digital is committed to assure the highest quality of its solutions, total client satisfaction, timely delivery of applications at affordable cost and reasonable time.

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